The smile is one of the most important aesthetic factors inherent to a person. A pretty, attractive smile gives a positive image and stimulates the individual to smile tranquilly and naturally. A tidy, healthy and harmonic mouth gives one security.

Dental beauty treatments often require multidisciplinary planning with interaction between the orthodontic, periodontal, dental operatory and prosthesis specialities.

Sometimes, action on the surface of an isolated tooth is sufficient. This can be done with aesthetic rounding, ceramic and composite fascia and/or crowns. To achieve a good result, however, it is not sufficient to cover the tooth with the material of the right colour. Translucency, surface micro geography, dentin fluorescence, colour gradients, etc. all play a part. It is often necessary to work with combinations of more or less translucent or opaque materials to modify colour, depth and surface.

To get good results, a lot of time has to be put in to imitating teeth with multilayered techniques or with a stratified technique, right down to the finer details in order to dominate the multiple optical effects achieved with the numerous materials currently available. It is therefore necessary for professionals to periodically try out the ever better material that continuously appears for themselves.

Every successful tooth achieved either in composite or in ceramic is like a true jewel. A work of art.

Each aesthetic change must be personalised according to the person’s criteria and desires expressed in each case.