Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry which focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of poor dental position and facial disharmony.

On the level of mouth health, teeth that are stacked up or have insufficient space for their location are difficult to clean and this situation generally leads to tooth decay, tooth loss and diseases in the gums. With regard to appearance, we would all like to have a pretty smile and even change the way we relate.

The ideal time for the first visit to the orthodontist is at 7 years of age, but this is not a fixed rule as certain problems can be dealt with at earlier ages.

Depending on the type of treatment, the age of the patient and the complexity of the case, a duration may be expected of between 12 and 36 months.

Today we can perform treatment in adults, something inconceivable years ago. The treatments are carried out with fixed or removable apparatuses, depending on the problem, and with metal or transparent elements (transparent for a better appearance and in order not to hinder their normal relationships).

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