Oral prostheses and rehabilitations

In Clínica Dental Marín, we work with the most advanced technologies in building dental prostheses.

In fixed dental prosthesis, we have CAD CAM technology to make the most perfect adjustments. Aesthetic materials such as injected porcelain or zirconium oxide structures, all applicable to dental prostheses on natural teeth or on dental implants to make the results look natural.

Our removable and mixed dental prosthesis solutions also meet your greatest expectations.

Dental prostheses are used to replace lost teeth with artificial teeth and thus restore the dental appearance and chewing function.

The dental prosthesis prevents the mouth from deforming due to incorrect dental movement, and thus producing new and greater problems.

With the dental prosthesis, we will restore the appearance of your teeth, your smile, the volume and shape of your face without forgetting the chewing function so fundamental for general health.

Dental prostheses prevent the teeth alongside the place where a tooth has been lost from falling and those that chewed against it from growing.

Dental prostheses prevent possible interferences and the appearance of tooth decay, while resolving many problems of jaw articulation. It is fundamental to replace lost teeth with dental prostheses as soon as possible.