Our Specialties

These are the specialities we offer in our dental clinics. If you wish, you can get further information on each speciality by clicking on the titles.


Endodontics consists of cleaning the pulpar chamber and the root conducts and sealing it with plastic material in the form of orange sticks called gutta-percha. This technique enables us to hermetically seal the conducts throughout their length in order to avoid any future infection. The conducts are cleaned with the very fine files (there is [...]

Dental implants

Dental implants consist of a treatment by which the natural roots of teeth that have been lost are artificially replaced to fit the prostheses on these new roots in the place of the lost teeth. Thanks to developments in the implant technique and in producing the dental materials, the latest statistics report that implant success [...]

Mouth surgery

Minimally invasive mouth surgery. With present techniques, the tendency is to perform mouth surgery with a minimal aperture and therefore the least possible trauma for the patient. We achieve better results, less post operatory discomfort and shorter recovery times. In the field of dental implants, we have computer case planning on the basis of a [...]

Oral prostheses and rehabilitations

In Clínica Dental Marín, we work with the most advanced technologies in building dental prostheses. In fixed dental prosthesis, we have CAD CAM technology to make the most perfect adjustments. Aesthetic materials such as injected porcelain or zirconium oxide structures, all applicable to dental prostheses on natural teeth or on dental implants to make the [...]

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is used to embellish or lighten the colour of teeth for aesthetic purposes, eliminating extrinsic or in intrinsic stains and colouring. Tooth whitening is one of the most commonly performed aesthetic dental treatments, and is now almost routine in teeth care and beauty. Tooth whitening may be done in the dental clinic, where [...]


The smile is one of the most important aesthetic factors inherent to a person. A pretty, attractive smile gives a positive image and stimulates the individual to smile tranquilly and naturally. A tidy, healthy and harmonic mouth gives one security. Dental beauty treatments often require multidisciplinary planning with interaction between the orthodontic, periodontal, dental operatory [...]


Periodontal treatment is aimed at controlling the diseases affecting the periodontium (the area around the tooth), and which affect the bone support holding the tooth, causing later tooth loss. Periodontal disease appears in the form of: Gingivitis: Inflammation of the gum without affecting the alveolar bone. It appears as a red, oedematous gum which bleeds [...]


Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry which focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of poor dental position and facial disharmony. On the level of mouth health, teeth that are stacked up or have insufficient space for their location are difficult to clean and this situation generally leads to tooth decay, tooth loss and diseases [...]

Paediatric dentistry

We care for the health of the mouth and teeth of the younger members of the household from birth to adolescence. We provide educational, preventive and therapeutic measures aimed both at the children and their families.

General dentistry

We develop all of the typical restoration treatments of a dental clinic which are necessary for preserving the patient’s teeth as far as possible. Fillings, reconstructions, hygiene and fluor treatment.